I am very excited

In two weeks I disappear 🙂

Not from life. But, from my current job. I have received the job working with people with special needs! I am beyond excited for this opportunity.

Also, the thought of disappearing from my current job is something to be happy about. I do not have any friends here Or people I talk to regularly. So, when my last day comes (July 26th!) I will walk out the door an nobody will know I am gone. It’s the best way for me to leave and I am more then ecstatic to never have to be taken for granted this much again.

This new job is not just a job. But, a career. Something I can devote my life to and spend my days doing something meaningful.

Only two weeks left till the transformation!


Tales of a 22 year old janitor

Today I realized that I am the only one at my job who could hear the music in my headphones that I was singing out loud.

Today I realized just how much of an asset I am NOT to the people I work with.cause some guy is trying to get me fired

Today I left work completely ignored by everyone around me because that is how insignificant my job is

Today I had a panic attack In fear of losing my job and not being able to handle my bills.

Today I ran myself ragged scrubbing trash cans with moldy garbage inside.

Today I ruined my only pair of work khakis by scrubbing said garbage cans.

Today sucked