Will you marry me?

I dream that you are next to me at night. Only to find out the truth in the morning.

I long to struggle by your side in a tiny apartment
Paying bills and making dinner out of whatever we find in the cabinets.

Giving you a peck goodbye before I start my night shift
Or packing you lunch to take with you when you leave our bed in the morning

Household chores on weekends would be so much better if we could do them together
Even though you like to unplug the vacuum when im not looking
Which makes me crazy

Naps would be my favorite thing again

I imagine a sunny afternoon of cuddling under blankets and falling asleep watching your chest rise and fall

Because I am so in love with you

And Knowing that together we are working towards this goal is usually enough to keep me going without complaint or question

But,not tonight.
Tonight,I miss you.