Taking steps to stay.

I’m working on some new things! This is very different cause I am usually so complacent in my life choices.

I am looking into a new Job! I want to work with people who have special needs! This would be ideal. I love helping people and making a difference. If it all works out I would be doing overnights and making sure these clients are sleeping okay and helping them get ready for classes the next morning. I want this job so bad. Not just for the experience. But, also to be moved out of this hostile work area I am now in.

Also, I am starting to eat healthier and take more walks so as to be less sluggish. Things only worsen if you let them and I refuse to become unhealthy. I am not thin. I am “average” and Italian. Which means I have a tummy and a shapely figure (butt). That doesn’t mean I should just give up and accept what I was dealt. I can make better choices in what I eat and how much time I spend on Netflix😩 running is my friend.

I hope all who are following show me as much support as possible!

I love sharing my journey to bettering myself with you!


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