Do yo thang honey

Today, the shop girl at my job came in perfectly made up clothes cleaned and pressed always looking sharp.

Today, the office ladies came in. Clean and neat. New sandals and purses always looking respectable.

Today, I came in. Three days dirty khakis, hair out of the way. And I went the extra mile and showered this morning.

Your daily routine for work can differ depending on what you do.

I,myself find it impossible to look good and mop multiple floors. So I try to look as clean as I can and that’s pretty much as far as I go. Maybe Chapstick on my lips cause I plan on kissing my boyfriend when I clock out. But, that ends that.

And I know from the past that putting on makeup and doing my hair only gets ruined during a 8.5 hour shift of sweeping,mopping,dusting and sweating. But, I still feel like the ugly duckling at my job.

I am (in fact) the only female on the janitorial staff. The only person (for that matter) that cleans the main buildings. So it is understood that I will look disheveled every so often. But, when I pause mid mop and see the shop girls stroll In with clean stylish clothes, jewelry and (shoot) even heels on it can make me feel I little unacceptable.

I mean, I never even talk to these girls anyway. So,what does it matter?
It is because we were raised in a generation of people trying to prove their worth to complete strangers. How does this even make sense?

Does my family think I am beautiful?
Does my boyfriend think I am beautiful?
Do my best friends think I am beautiful?

So I need to stop worrying.
Cause, someday I will leave this job. And these people won’t even matter when that time comes.

And of they feel most beautiful when they are done up then good for them 😊I can only hope to be that confident with myself in the future.

And Reminding myself that I have nothing to prove to these strangers helps me from time to time. But it is a continuous act of reminding.

I am not alone in this feeling I know.

I am beautiful
And so are you


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