I wanna know.

I started this blog to get an outside opinion on the world. Using my personal sites would not give me the freedom to ask questions and get honest answers all the time.

Though I have started only a few days ago and have under 20 followers on here; I hope that everyone has followed me because they got something out of my posts. But, I would like to open the forum for opinions on things I am insure of.

Topic up for discussion today: physical scars. From a young age I have had a terrible habit of scratching open cuts and scrapes till they scarred over. I think it is because I always hated the thought of these ugly cuts marring my skin. It was very counterproductive though Because it would leave me with hideous scars that would never go away. To this day I still pick at my wounds.

constantly I am asked “WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR LEGS!?”. Or “is that a rash? You have all these marks up our arm”.

My thought is that they are reminders. Because it shows that you have moved past something. Maybe learned something. (I should learn to stop picking) And,that they are to be cosmetically ignored. I personally would not want you pointing out my scars. That’s as bad as telling me I have gum in my hair. It is embarrassing and can hurt a lot.

So this is all to say if you see someone with a lot of scars look at the personality and not at their skin?

But, I wanna know what people think about scars? Wether they are from self injury or abuse. Do you think they are ugly? What is your first thought when you see someone with scars?



One thought on “I wanna know.

  1. EVERYONE has scars. Some are just more visible. People that asks about your scars before they know much else about you . . . well, they got scars too😉

    Rock On

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