I am enough

I’m so tired of other peoples opinions in my life.

Lately it is all I seem to think or care about.

Will people think I’m strange if I sing along to the music in my headphones?
When they see me eating better do they wonder if it’s because I think I need to lose some weight?

Really, do they even care?

The best thing that anyone can do for themselves is to shut out opinions others have in their life. And make the right decision for themselves.

Sometimes the toughest choices are the easiest once you have made them.

I am not saying this cause I have learned it. I’m saying this cause I need to. My deep set anxiety keeps me paranoid of people thinking I’m trying to hard. Or not trying hard enough.

It’s a daily thing for me to shut out other voices and listen to the still small voice saying that I am enough and I don’t need to prove my worth.

You are enough. And nobody can tell you otherwise❤️


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