When dating is it okay to flirt with other people?

The title speaks for itself.

I thought if you were committed to somebody that it was a commitment to only them.
But,I’m finding out that a lot of people nowadays think it’s okay to tease and flirt with other people as long as they don’t “cheat”.
This is not okay.
Cheating in of itself is terrible. But,so is messing around with someone with no intentions of commitment. Especially if you are already serious with someone else. I love my boyfriend so much. The thought of me messing around and not telling him is not a problem right now. If it ever occurred I would hope I would handle it well and respect the relationship we have together. Same goes for him. I would be hurt deeply if I knew that he was flirting with other woman at his job.

Flirting itself means you are interested enough to want to see if they are interested back.

People have their own opinions on this subject I know. But, if it’s my relationship I really want complete honesty and dedication.




2 thoughts on “When dating is it okay to flirt with other people?

  1. Great post! Well thought out, and so relatable. I had this same issue in past relationships. It’s hard to determine where the line should be drawn when both parties have different beliefs on the matter.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I agree with you completely. I want trust and honestly and complete dedication in a relationship with someone. Unfortunately I am 21 and have never been in a relationship with anyone so I can’t say to much about this but I know I do not want cheating in a relationship at all. I am highly sensitive and wants to be respected. Great question.

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