“How can I help you?”

We hear this stated all the time. Fast food employees most of all I think.

But, what about walking through life? Have you ever seen a friend struggling. Maybe you aren’t even that close to them. Just a Facebook persona you met twice and added them to up your friend count (back in the day when it still mattered).


We’ve all seen them. Those status’ about giving up and hating everything. Screaming their vulnerability to anyone scrolling through the news feed. We wonder what makes someone throw all their feeling out. Is it a last attempt cry for help? Have you ever done anything about it?

“Hi,are you okay? Your status makes me worried for you. How can I help you?”

That’s all you have to say. Some people just wanna be heard. Maybe you send them that and they rethink why they posted the status in the first place and reassure you that it wasn’t anything really. Cause they were heard.

Little things. Reaching out. It matters.


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